Our Story

RACHELWELD is an expression and celebration of the complex self.

“I have a great-aunt to thank. Nadine Weld Newton opened a door to our family’s history through her rich collection of Victorian jewelry - timeless pieces, exquisite in their detailing, rich with meaning.” - Rachel Weld Newton, Founding Creative Director of RACHELWELD

An architect for 14 years. Before that, a ballet dancer for ten. Making the transition from architect to jewelry designer, Rachel returns to the body at a very intimate scale, applying a language of architectural volume and detailing with a sense of grace and movement.

“Beauty is not static. It is the dynamic energy within us and between us. I am after the juxtaposition of opposing forces. The historic playing with the subversive. The earthbound with the celestial. The hard-edge with the feminine. It creates a spark of energy. The one that makes you catch your breath. And engage.”

“There lies the potential to be glorious. To be strong. To be beautiful.” As the designer and creator of RACHELWELD, Rachel seeks to imbue this spirit into each piece with clarity and refinement.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in New York, Rachel studied design at Pratt Institute. She lives in Brooklyn.

Rachel is honored to receive the 2017 Carelle Grant, a single-recipient award offered by the Women's Jewelry Association for business development.


RACHELWELD is committed to a positive legacy of mineral mining - one that is responsible socially, economically and environmentally.  RACHELWELD supports fair trade and strict labor and safety practices for all of its processes and partnerships domestically and abroad.

RACHELWELD marries the latest 3-D printing technologies with exceptional hand-crafted finishing. Each piece at each stage is created locally in New York City. Only precious recycled metals, notably 18 karat gold, are used. Every gemstone has been selected for the highest standards in quality and sustainability, traceable from mine to market.


Rachel Weld Newton

Rachel Weld Newton